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Better understanding the role of data and information security in the current economic context is a key to success for companies whose businesses are undergoing transformation (digital or data).

This blog invites you to bring your cybersecurity risk management systems to life and offers you all our advice, management and evaluation tools and tips for:

  • ask the right questions before, during and after the transformation project
  • identify the levers necessary to build strong business continuity actions plans
  • implement effective development strategies assess the relevance of the actions carried out

Support you at each stage of your transformation project

Strengthen your teams with tailored advisory solutions to succeed in your data protection by design and cybersecurity by design projects


Founded in 2018, Alcees is a digital services company(dsc or esn in french) of French and European essence.100% cyber centric. Alcees offers communities ans public companies, banks, insurers, software publishers, healthcare operators, tailor-made consulting solutions to improve the performance of their operations and simplify their exposure to cyber risks through compliance with highest standards/norms and implementation of simple measures : technical, organizational, cognitive.


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