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Dear prospects, customers, partners,

At Alcees, everyone’s health remains our priority, which is why we associate our image with the mobilization in favor of the prevention of the most frequent causes of cancer mortality in women and men, with solidarity with not only the sick, but also their caregivers, as well as the breaking down of taboos through information on the importance of early detection, a real public health issue.

Statistics that speak in France:

  • Today, one in eight women is at risk of developing breast cancer in her lifetime.
  • Each year, 54,000 new cases are detected and nearly 12,000 women die.
  • Each year, more than 71,000 men are affected by prostate cancer and nearly 9,000 men die from
    it. If caught early, this cancer has a cure rate of 95%. In addition, the incidence of prostate
    cancer is increasing by + 8.5% per year.
  • It is estimated that by 2030 the number of cases of prostate cancer could double. •The incidence of testicular cancer is no exception. More common in young men (25 – 30 years old),
    it affects around 2,700 men per year.

For all of these reasons, awareness can make a difference.

Here are some initiatives taken by us:

  • We supported the 27th edition of Pink October, breast cancer awareness month. We posted our
    campaign logo on social networks, featuring a pink ribbon and a pinkish-colored graphic charter
    throughout the month of October.
  • After Pink October and from November 1st, Alcees supports the Movember movement, a sort of corollary to Pink October, but with a focus on men. Until November 30, our logo our logo changes to orange, sports a mustache


Movember, what is it?


«Movember» is the contraction of mustache «mo» and November “november” in English. It is a charity initiative launched in Australia seventeen years ago in 2003, by Movember Foundation Charity, then widely available internationally, notably in the United States and Canada. France adopted the movement from 2012.

Throughout the month of November, men are invited to grow their mustaches, as a visible sign of their rallying to the movement.

The aim is to encourage screening for prostate and testicular cancers (the most common cancers in men). In addition to the prevention of the aforementioned cancers, the Movember action also focuses on improving mental health and preventing suicide in men.

On average, around the world, male mortality is six times higher than female mortality.

In France, 3/4 of deaths by suicide concern men. Regarding the prevention of prostate cancer, the campaign encourages consultation for an initial screening. There are two methods:

  • digital rectal screening, performed by a specialist.
  • PSA screening, which consists of looking for the presence in the blood of a protein specifically produced by prostate cells.

The new image of the Alcees logo in support of Movember can be found on our social networks:

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